Courtney Asztalos grew up in Florida and currently lives in Syracuse, NY. She is an artist that works in various processes: photography, sound, installation, video, drawing, artist books, and collage. Her work is in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, UCLA Arts Library, Duke University, Texas Tech University, Vanderbilt University, University of Central Florida, the University of Miami, and others. She received her MFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University. She has photographed for the New York Times, The Wire, and her work has been published in the New Yorker’s Photo Booth Blog, Paper Journal, Der Greif, Dear Dave, and more. Her work has most recently been exhibited at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, The Front in New Orleans, Art Helix in NYC, Meinblau in Berlin, PØST in Los Angeles (CA), the Crisp-Ellert Museum in St. Augustine (FL).  She currently is the Plastics and Historical Artifacts Curator at Special Collections Research Center in Syracuse, NY.